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                                                                           TrekAmerica 1999

        This summer I traveled from New York to Los Angeles through the northern states of  USA and parts of Canada.
        The trip, that was arranged by TrekAmerica , is called Transcontinental North. TrekAmerica specializes in tours for
        small international groups aged between 18-38. We traveled in a 15 passenger maxivan, were all luggage,camping
        equipment and other necessities was stored on the roofrack.  We stayed at campgrounds and all necessary camping
        equipment including tents,cold food storage containers,camp lights, stoves and other camp accessories was provided
        by TrekAmerica. The only thing  you had to bring was your own sleeping bag. The group shared in the preparation
        and cooking of the food. Supplies, excluding soft drinks and alcohol,was purchased from the food kitty, and each
        member of the group had to pay $35 per week, this covered all meals on most days while we were camping. 
        On this trip there was 10 people from United Kingdom,one from Switzerland ,one from Holland, myself from Norway
        and our trek leader Shelley from USA.

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       Heather                          Damon                               Lisa                               Kjell                                Rebecca

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           Marc                             Stuart                               Carl                               Tonke                               Toby

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                           Toby                                Shelley                             Rachel                              Nadium


                                         Here are some of my photos from this trip.

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